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Introduce our newest products in 2020, Multi Layer - Multi Axis Oriented - Cross Laminated tarpaulin, comprises of biaxial oriented layer of plastic film bonded to one another in the machine operating direction, transverse and angular axis all togather in 16 direction bonded by a cold roll techiques


Techpaulin is an exceptionally strong co-extruded cross laminated film manufactured through an innovative process. The higher performance with a lighter gauge offers significant savings in material cost.


Techpaulin has good water barrier property, moisture resistance and retains 100% strength even when wet. Staple / stitch free joints make it 100% waterproof. Techpaulin is rot resistant.


Techpaulin has the ability to absorb UV radiation and dissipate the energy as low level heat, thus withstanding the pressure to crack or disintegrate under continuous exposure to sunlight.


Techpaulin has high resistance to varying weather conditions. Even with sustained exposure to sunlight, wind, water, rain or snow, Techpaulin continues to have high resistance against crack, peeling, de-lamination, chipping, etc. Offers good weather resistance.


What is cross laminated techpaulin

Techpaulin has exceptional puncture resistant & barrier property, cutting-edge manufacturing technology delivers a superior product that does not peel off, shred, crack or cause leak easily. Extremely light weight but stronger. High UV property delivers better crack & weather resistance.

It is odourless, non toxic, recyclable, food grade and can be used for protecting, covering food grade items as well

Techpaulin is available in all popular standard formats & sizes, ready to use carpet / sheet & roll form also available for customization.

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Cover bahan tambang

Produk kami telah digunakan di beberapa lokasi tambang nikel, untuk mengcover batubara (coal) di stockpile maupun di atas tongkang

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Kolam kotak

Kami juga memproduksi kolam kotak berbagai ukuran untuk kebutuhan kolam lele, kolam nila, udang vaname, penampungan air (reservoir). Lebih aman karena bahan terpal sudah food grade

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Produk kami digunakan untuk cover tongkang angkutan nickel, batubara, sawit, dll. Ukuran terpal bervariasi misalnya 25x30, 30x30, 30x50, 50x50, dll sesuai kebutuhan user

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